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Lynton House is a large office building situate on the east side of Bloomsbury’s Tavistock Square. In itself, a fairly typical central London office building , refurbished in 2008 ,and housing a wide variety of commercial businesses ranging from solictors and accountants to a multi-national PR company, a specialist e-mail marketing firm and health trainers. I am a partner of Lyndales and my partners (including the predecessor firm) have run our firm from Lynton House since 1995. I have been exploring the area ever since, continually amazed at its huge history and influence on the city around us as Lynton House happens to sit in one of the most diverse and interesting parts of the world’s greatest city-London.

Within a few minutes walk the British Museum and in the opposite direction, another world renown institution the British Library. Add another 7 or 8 museums, two world class universities , arguably the three most important (and one of which is certainly the most impressive ) railway terminii in London , some of London’s best squares, the capitals most innovatively designed social housing, and at the back of Kings Cross the largest current developement site in Europe and what you have is an astonishing mix of evertyhing that makes a city great. And that doesn’t take account of the amazing range of architecture, the fascinating history and the world famous claim that Bloomsbury is one of the great repositories of literary culture-the home of the somewhat elitist Bloomsbury Group as well as the home of Dickens for many of his most productive years.

So there is a limitless amount of interest in and around Lynton House and combining this with my own love of history and walking and the useful by product of networking opportunities lead to the Lynton House Walks being formed with the backing of my Partners at Lyndales . We have had themed walks such as “Walking with children” which explored the history of the Coram Foundation and Great Ormonde Street Hospital. We have looked at literary Bloomsbury and looked at the history of the Russell family and the industrial history of the great railway termini on the Euston Road.

In anticipation of poor weather in February(which turned out not to be the case) we organised a treasure hunt in the British Museum to find two objects-neither of which in the end happened to be there -but I hope the group stiill enjoyed having a trawl around this national treasure house.

The walks have also expanded with a joint walk last year with Argent the developers of Kings Cross and we are joining with Metro Bank for a walk around Holborn in May. Lyndales provides the admin and organisational backing but the group thrives on the interest of those who join us on each walk from Lynton House and surrounding businesses.

We are on facebook and can be contacted at Lyndales by phone (0207 391 1000) or by e-mail

Please use this blog to comment/critisise and suggest. We would love to hear from you.

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